Welcome to my personal space…

Here you’ll find some posts about my life (if you are interested on it) and some electronics project I’ve built in some year of “mess-ing”.

I’ve opened this space because I’d like to give back something to the net. Every day I’ve taken information, advice, tutorial, tips, etc from people all around the world. Probably people I can never meet. Most of them are writing something without any fees, only for spreading knowledge and ideas. So would I. I wish that will be useful to somebody.Ifirmly believe in the Open Source philosophy, extended to every field of knowledge.

Right now, you will find some projects in “Tech Corner”  , but only a few are in a bilingual form..Please be patient, I’m going to translate all (this will take some time ;))

I hope you will come back to visit this site again.


PS. As you’ve already noticed, English is not my first language, but I want to improve it..

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